Friday, June 24, 2011

RACHEL MADDOW: Gay Marriage Passes in New York

Rachel Maddow reacts live on MSNBC to marriage equality passing in New York state.

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Glenn Beck Will Retire if 'The Onion' Wins a Pultizer

Glenn Beck throws his support behind The Onion's Pulitzer campaign.

Stephen Colbert and Jack White Perform at the High Line

Stephen Colbert and Jack White celebrate the conclusion of StePhest ColbChella with a concert under the high line with the Black Belles.

ONN: 'The Onion' Recaps Its Week in Pulitzer Lobbying

This week's Onion Review focuses squarely on The Onion's quest for a Pulitzer.

Lazy, Illiterate Pulitzer Board Should At Least Be Able To Watch This Fucking Video Recap

CONAN: 'Cars 2' Liberal Bias

Conan O'Brien uncovers the subtle liberal bias in Pixar's Cars 2.

JIMMY FALLON: Jon Benjamin's Bruce Willis Impression

Jon Benjamin, of Jon Benjamin Has a Van, tells Jimmy Fallon about the time someone thought we has Bruce Willis.

DAILY SHOW: Obama's Afghanistan Speech Satisfies No One

Jon Stewart assesses the mainstream media's reaction to Obama's Afghanistan speech.

Obama Puts Gay Marriage on the States

In his speech at a LGBT fundraiser in New York last night, President Obama managed to remain non-committal on marriage equality by using the old "it's up to the states to decide" technique.

Glenn Beck Wants to Kiss Rick Santorum 'in the Mouth'

Glenn Beck gives us all one more unfortunate mental picture before his impending retirement from Fox News.