Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Michele Bachmann's Husband Marcus Calls Gays 'Barbarians'

Do we think Marcus Bachmann will be a liability or a benefit to his wife's presidential campaign?

Obama Tells Congress to 'Get It Done'

President Obama gets a little testy with Congress during his press conference today.

FUNNY OR DIE: Jon Benjamin Wears His Staples Shirt to Staples

Jon Benjamin wishes he worked at Staples, but he doesn't.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Michele Bachmann's Story of America

While Conan O'Brien showed a clip from the Michele Bachmann History Channel last night, Jimmy Kimmel premiered a scene from her new special, Michele Bachmann's Story of America.

CONAN: Michele Bachmann's History Channel

Conan O'Brien presents a sneak peek of the Michele Bachmann History Channel.

LETTERMAN: Michele Bachmann Top Ten

David Letterman counts down the top ten signs there's already trouble at Michele Bachmann campaign headquarters.

COLBERT REPORT: Michele Bachmann's John Wayne Gacy Gaffe

Stephen Colbert endorses Michele Bachmann for president and defends her John Wayne Gacy gaffe.

DAILY SHOW: Fox News Calls Jon Stewart Racist

Fox News is all over Jon Stewart for his Herman Cain impression. Jon Stewart responds by eviscerating himself with a parade of his own worst impressions.