Thursday, June 30, 2011

Retweeted Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.

Obama is holding a Twitter Town Hall next Wednesday. [@TechCrunch]

Bruce Springsteen lets the world read his eulogy for Clarence Clemmons. [@vulture]

Justin Timberlake is taking some sort of leadership role in the new Myspace. [@urlesque]

Keith Olbermann giddily breaks the news that Mark Halperin's "dick" comment got him suspended from MSNBC. [@KeithOlbermann]

Ashton Kutcher starts a Twitter war with the Village Voice. [@mashable]

Fox News has decided it will take five pundits to replace the one Glenn Beck. [@mediadecodernyt]

Glenn Beck Compares Himself to Jon Stewart in Final Show

Glenn Beck uses numerical statistics to demonstrate why he's better than Jon Stewart in what is definitely the most boring segment of his final Fox News show.

Stephen Colbert Super PAC Victory Speech Outside the FEC

Stephen Colbert speaks to his fans outside the FEC after they approved his "Colbert Super PAC".

Media Matters Says Goodbye to Glenn Beck

Media Matters marks the end of Glenn Beck's Fox News show with eleven minutes of his craziest comments.

MORNING JOE: Mark Halperin Calls Obama a 'Dick'

Mark Halperin thinks Obama was being a "dick" at his press conference yesterday.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Sarah Palin's Movie Premiere

Jimmy Kimmel sends Jake Byrd to the premiere of Sarah Palin's new movie Undefeated.

LETTERMAN: Ryan Reynolds as 'Asshole Politician'

Ryan Reynolds stars in the summer blockbuster that has somehow stayed below the radar.

CONAN: The Pope's First Tweet

Conan O'Brien shows us the surprising first tweet from The Pope.

COLBERT REPORT: The War on the 4th of July

Stephen Colbert reports on fireworks cancellations across Texas.

'No Strings Attached' vs. 'Friends With Benefits' Trailer Mashup

In case you didn't already think these were the same movie.

FUNNY OR DIE: Hipster Shore's CUI PSA

The cast of Hipster Shore issues a 4th of July warning about cycling under the influence.