Monday, July 25, 2011

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: Larry David Has Sex With a Palestinian Woman

Larry David gets hate-fucked by a sexy Palestinian woman in one of the funniest NSFW Curb Your Enthusiasm scenes of all time.

Isaiah Mustafa Accepts Fabio's Duel Challenge

Original Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa will be dueling Fabio tomorrow at noon, in one way or another.

COMMUNITY: Dan Harmon on Omar Comin' to Greendale

Community showrunner Dan Harmon talks about casting Michael K. Williams as Greendale's biology professor.

Retweeted Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.

The cast of Community gets a warm welcome back on the first day of shooting for season three. [@alisonbrie]

New York Magazine praises The New York Times' paywall. [@longreads]

Rupert Murdoch is only #6 on The Guardian's Media 100 list. [@guardian]

Gawker is suing News Corp to get information, which is decidedly more appropriate than hacking phones. [@mediadecodernyt]

Russell Brand writes the definitive tribute to Amy Winehouse. [@rustyrockets]

Jon Hamm joins David Cross and Will Arnett in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. [@HuffingtonPost]

Will Ferrell posts some important FAQ's about his charity golf tournament. [@internettoday]

In more Community news, Omar from The Wire is Greendale's new Biology teacher. [@Splitsider]

Listen to this Wet Hot American Summer reunion on Comedy Bang Bang. [@ScottAukerman]

Congressman Billy Long from Missouri finds the elusive Amy Winehouse-Debt Ceiling connection. [@Gawker]

In the saddest news of the day, Herman Cain has canceled his Colbert Report appearance. [@TPM

Glenn Beck Compares Norwegian Campers to 'Hitler Youth'

I guess Glenn Beck felt like not enough people have been paying attention to him since he lost his TV show.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Trump Advises Republicans on Debt Ceiling Deal

Fox and Friends checks in with Donald Trump to see how he thinks the Republicans should handle their negotiations with President Obama for some reason.

Fabio is the New Old Spice Guy

Old Spice drops the production value and ups the Fabio quotient in their newest YouTube spot. Look out for some sort of internet duel tomorrow morning between Fabio and Isaiah Mustafa.