Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hannibal Buress Does Hip Hop Karaoke

Hannial Buress takes a break from doing stand-up at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal to perform Snoop Dogg's "Ain't No Fun."

'The Ministry' is the Afghan Version of 'The Office'

A new comedy show from Afghanistan's Tolo TV set in the Ministry of Garbage is basically the Afghan version of The Office.

FUNNY OR DIE: Steve Carell's Movie Poster Contract

This is why Steve Carell's head is so big in movie posters.

ONN: The 'Grab Life By the Balls' Bill

Congress' new plan to reform Social Security encourages seniors to "live fast and die young."

Social Security Reform Bill Encourages Americans To Live Faster, Die Younger

CONAN: Jon Benjamin Remembers 'Baby Pranks'

The star of Jon Benjamin Has a Van looks back at his classic "Baby Pranks" bit.

CRAIG FERGUSON: Don Rickles Joins Twitter

Craig Ferguson talks to Don Rickles about his new foray into Twitter.

COLBERT REPORT: Norway's 'Muslish' Terrorist

Stephen Colbert is the first to wring comedy out of this weekend's attacks in Norway by covering the Media's jump to Islamophobic conclusions.

DAILY SHOW: Jason Jones and Samantha Bee Counsel Same-Sex Newlyweds

Happily married straight couple Jason Jones and Samantha Bee head to New York City Hall on Sunday to talk to newly married same-sex couples.