Thursday, July 28, 2011

Retweeted Links of the Day

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BuzzFeed gives Hobbit names to the Teabaggers. [@BuzzFeedFeed]

The White House is just RickRolling people on Twitter now. [@whitehouse]

Herman Cain is the winner of the most segments on Fox News in the last two months contest. [@politico]

Mental Floss looks back at the last time the U.S. defaulted on its debt. [@mental_floss]

Jenny Slate and the Big Terrific crew make the GQ comedy issue. [@videogum]

Patricia Clarkson (not Oprah) will be playing Tammy 1 on Parks and Rec. [@vulture]

Marc Maron's Just for Laughs Montreal Keynote Address

In this clip from his keynote address at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Marc Maron pays tribute to the comics we've lost over the last year.

Obama's New Pessimistic 2012 Strategy

LandlineTV gives you an exclusive look inside President Obama's new 2012 strategy of "measured pessimism."

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Scoops Don Lemon's Vampire Story

After CNN's Don Lemon failed to ask his guest Patrick Roberts about his vampire teeth, Stephen Colbert and Dan Rather track Roberts down and ask, "What's with the teeth?"

Trailer: Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in 'Tower Heist'

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy are the new Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Brett Ratner's Tower Heist.

TODAY SHOW: Alex Trebek on Burglary Injury

If Alex Trebek's heroic burglar chase taught us anything, it's that he sleeps in the nude.

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FUNNY OR DIE: Jason Alexander's Netflix Relief Fund

Jason Alexander wants you to donate money to help the victims of the worst tragedy to happen to white people in years.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Harrison Ford vs. Chewbacca

In Jon Favreau-directed, Cowboy and Aliens-promoting episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Harrison Ford settles a long-running score with Chewbacca, and even gets in an "I want my wife back" reference.

"Daniel Craig's my wookie bitch now!"

DAILY SHOW: Norway's Christian Terrorist

It took Jon Stewart a little bit longer than Stephen Colbert to find the comedy in Norway's tragic attacks from last weekend. But when he did, we were exposed to Bill O'Reilly's unique brand of religious hypocrisy.