Friday, July 29, 2011

BILL MAHER: Debt Ceiling Pissing Contest

Bill Maher explains what happens when a pissing contest runs out of piss.

LOUIE: Dane Cook Guest Stars

First Dane Cook gets the Marc Maron treatment. Now, he has to contend with Louis C.K.

JIMMY FALLON: Brian Williams Slow Jams the Debt Ceiling

Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams and The Roots slow jam the debt ceiling negotiations, instantly making this whole mess more accessible for America.

George W. Bush Finally Explains the 'My Pet Goat' Incident

Ten years later, George W. Bush explains that his inaction on 9/11 was actually him trying to "project a sense of calm."

John Boehner Gets Angry

No tears in this speech, just a lot of shouting. John Boehner turns Obama's "they can't take yes for an answer" comment back around on the Democrats.

'7 Minutes in Heaven' with Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig joins SNL writer Mike O'Brien for his closet talk show. It's set in a closet, not secretly gay.

Andy Samberg is Shark Week's Chief Shark Officer

Andy Samberg prepares for his new role as Chief Shark Officer.

Allie Goertz's Tribute to Comedians

I think this girl might just get a date out of this video.

Obama Says 'Tweet' to Solve Debt Ceiling Crisis

In a short address on the debt ceiling negotiations this morning, President Obama suggested that you tweet your Congressperson.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Lady Gaga Babywear

Jimmy Kimmel introduces Gaga Goo Goo, a new fashion line for babies.

LETTERMAN: Louis C.K. Does Stand-up

Louis C.K. does some old-fashioned stand-up on the Late Show.

COLBERT REPORT: McCain's 'Lord of the Rings' Analogy

Stephen Colbert gets on board with John McCain's elaborate Lord of the Rings debt ceiling metaphor.

DAILY SHOW: GOP Plays 'The Town' in Congress

Jon Stewart breaks down the decision to play a clip of Ben Affleck's The Town to rally House Republicans around John Boehner's debt ceiling deal.