Monday, August 1, 2011

CONAN: Harrison Ford vs. The Smurfs

Last week, he settled his score with Chewbacca. This week, Harrison Ford takes out his anger on The Smurfs.

Retweeted Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.

President Obama slips a free birth control announcement into the day's proceedings. [@dorseyshaw]

Woody Allen is getting the PBS American Masters treatment. [@thedailybeast]

Celebrate MTV's 30th birthday by watching its first hour of broadcast. [@stereogum]

The Onion writers may be striking, for real. [@Splitsider]

Keith Olbermann gives his take on Rupert Murdoch in The Guardian. [@KeithOlbermann]

NBC realizes that Maya Rudolph is as funny as Will Arnett and Christina Applegate. [@TheAVClub]

Gabrielle Giffords makes a decidedly triumphant return to Congress. [@nprpolitics]

Newt Gingrich's argument that he should win the Presidency because he has the most Twitter followers just got even weaker. [@mashable]

LETTERMAN: James Franco Shows 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Clip

James Franco accidentally shows a clip of a monkey smoking a bong instead of a scene from his new movie.

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY: Fat Mac First Look

In this promo for season seven, we get the first official preview of the instantly legendary Fat Mac.

Louis C.K. at Just For Laughs Montreal

In this Q&A from the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Louis C.K. explains why he throws out all of his jokes every year.

Louis CK at Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival from Splitsider on Vimeo.

Michael Ian Black Hosts 'Snark Week'

Michael Ian Black gives Andy Samberg a run for his money with Comedy Central's #SnarkWeek.