Friday, August 5, 2011

BILL MAHER: The Liberal Tea Party

Bill Maher introduces the Democrats' answer to the Tea Party: The Donner Party.

Lewis Black Thinks Sarah Palin is a Hallucination

Lewis Black explains why he doesn't do Sarah Palin jokes on The Green Room With Paul Provenza.

LOUIE: Dane Cook Faces Louis C.K.

In last night's highly anticipated episode of Louie, Louis C.K. wants Lady Gaga tickets for his daughter so bad, that he's forced to ask a favor from Dane Cook, who may or may not have stolen his jokes.

Obama's 'Awkward' Silence

President Obama stood silently for almost a minute while waiting to begin his speech to veterans until someone decided to shout "Awww-kwaaard!"

LETTERMAN: Obama's Birthday Top Ten

David Letterman counts down the top ten ways President Obama celebrated his birthday yesterday.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Obama Shoots Osama 2

Jimmy Kimmel shows the trailer for the new movie that will rescue President Obama's approval ratings.

COLBERT REPORT: Obama's Selfish Birthday Celebration

Stephen Colbert reveals that President Obama has selfishly celebrated his birthday during every crisis over the past fifty years.

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart vs. Atheists

In his Culture War Update last night, Jon Stewart went after an unlikely target over a cross that will part of the Ground Zero Memorial.