Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LETTERMAN: Ashton Kutcher Talks 'Two and a Half Men'

Ashton "Not Dave" Kutcher talks about making his debut on Two and Half Men.

Glenn Beck 'Restores Courage' in Israel

Here's just a short excerpt of Glenn Beck's terrifying speech from Israel today.

ONN: Comic Sans' Comic Appeal Explained

The Onion News Network delivers a special report explaining why Comic Sans font makes ordinary messages so hilarious.

New Study Explains Why Comic Sans Font So Hilarious (Season 1: Ep 8 on IFC)

COUNTDOWN: David Cross Talks to Keith Olbermann

In this extended online interview with Keith Olbermann, David Cross gives the latest info on the Arrested Development movie.

Andy Samberg as Agassi, Sampras, McEnroe, Borg

Go behind-the-scenes of Andy Samberg's men's tennis champion-themed photo spread for the New York Times Magazine.

CHELSEA HANDLER: Zoe Saldana Feels Up Chelsea

Zoe Saldana begins her interview with Chelsea Handler by complimenting the host's rack and copping a feel.

FUNNY OR DIE: Dave Franco Fucks Himself

James Franco only made out with himself. His brother takes it to the (NSFW) next level.

LETTERMAN: 'Late Show' Staffers React to Threat

David Letterman's staff is not as scared of a threat against their boss as you might think.

CRAIG FERGUSON: Anthrax Scare at the 'Late Late Show'

One night after David Letterman joked about the terrorist threat against the Late Show, Craig Ferguson tells jokes about the mysterious white powder mailed to the Late Late Show.