Sunday, August 28, 2011

Links of the Weekend: Irene Edition

All the best links that were worth retweeting this weekend on @GotchaMedia.

Hurricane Irene had to be a lot more intense to keep NYC bars closed. [@BuzzFeedFeed]

Unusual red penis-shaped mushrooms are just one more product of Irene in the East Village. [@Gothamist]

The Atlantic looks at people taking photos of Hurricane Irene. [@stevesilberman]

The New York Daily News and The New York Post were way too in sync with their weekend covers. [@TVGMRichSands, @howiewolf]

The most horrifying aspect of Hurricane Irene is the literal shitstorm that the Gowanus canal may or may not have stirred up. [@NYMag]

And the animated GIF of the storm is... [@ariannahuff]

FACE THE NATION: Dick Cheney Fails to Make Colin Powell's Head Explode

Colin Powell reviews Dick Cheney's new book for CBS' Face the Nation.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Ron Paul Rails Against FEMA

Yes, Hurricane Irene wasn't as disastrous as everyone feared, but that doesn't mean now is the time to get rid of FEMA.

COMMUNITY: John Goodman First Look

In this new promo for the upcoming third season of Community, John Goodman says "Wassup?" to Dean Pelton.