Thursday, September 1, 2011

PARKS AND REC: Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1

The highlight of Parks and Recreation's season four preview is Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1, Ron Swanson's first, even scarier wife.

Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner Talk 2,000-year-old Man on HBO Special

Carl Reiner pops up in the audience of the upcoming Mel Brooks/Dick Cavett HBO special to do some vintage 2,000-year-old man schtick.

Preview: Ricky Gervais' 'Life's Too Short'

Ricky Gervais premieres a longer clip from his new show Life's Too Short at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY: Filthy Supercut

Without the help of James Lipton, the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia review their favorite curse words.

Rick Santorum vs. Penn State Student on Same-Sex Marriage

Rick Santorum found himself in a contentious argument with a Penn State student yesterday on the psychological impact of having gay parents. His conclusion? Never trust science.

President Obama Faces the Kids Press Corps

Two ten year olds scored an exclusive interview with President Obama as part of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps program. In the clip below, Obama talks about 9/11, which these kids are way too young to remember. More clips at The Atlantic Wire.

LETTERMAN: Aubrey Plaza Meets Donald Trump

Aubrey Plaza tells David Letterman about the time she got a photo op with Donald Trump.

JIMMY FALLON: Jim Gaffigan Compares His Family to 'Jersey Shore'

Jim Gaffigan does material about his four kids on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

WTF: Anthony Jeselnik

It's hard-to-pronounce last name week on WTF with Jason Sudeikis on Monday and Anthony Jeselnik today. Jeselnik is a stand-up who got his big break writing for the first season of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
One of his most memorable TV moments was when he got the opportunity to roast Donald Trump "because Greg Giraldo is dead."
[Listen to Episode 206]