Friday, September 9, 2011

Herman Cain's 'God Bless America' 9/11 Tribute

This new campaign video from Herman Cain has to count as some form of terrorism, right?

Joe Biden and John Boehner Talk Golf

At least Democrats and Republicans can agree on something.

ONN: The Onion's Week in Review - 9/11 Edition

The Onion News Network updates you on all things 9/11 before the big 10th anniversary this weekend.

Remembering 9/11 A Pleasure For Nation Compared To Remembering Past 10 Years

'7 Minutes in Heaven' With Tracy Morgan

Mike O'Brien goes in the closet with Tracy Morgan.

Nike's 'Back to the Future' Sneaker Commercial

Bill Hader, Christopher Lloyd and Kevin Durant star in the elaborate, long-form ad for Nike's new shoes, which benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research.

CNN: Comedians Remember 9/11

CNN interviews Bill Burr, Marc Maron, Rob Riggle and Chris Hardwick about how they found ways to be funny after 9/11.

LETTERMAN: 'Two and a Half Men' Top Ten

Ashton Kutcher does not look thrilled to be sitting on a couch with Jon Cryer and the other half man.

CONAN: Republican Debate Fun Facts

Conan O'Brien shows the "fun facts" MSNBC put up on the screen during Wednesday night's debate.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Job Creation Drinking Game

Jimmy Kimmel turns Wednesday night's debate into a drinking game.

JIMMY FALLON: Eddie Vedder Plays 'Balls in Your Mouth'

Eddie Vedder joins Jimmy Fallon for a rousing rendition of his BP oil spill protest song "Balls in Your Mouth."

COLBERT REPORT: Obama's Jobs Speech

Stephen Colbert previews President Obama's jobs speech and gives him some tips on how to get through to the unemployed.

DAILY SHOW: Reagan Debate Recap

Jon Stewart recaps Wednesday night's Republican debate and the Media's irrational response.