Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CONAN: 'Star Wars' Blu-Ray Lightsaber Sound Effects

Conan O'Brien gets in on the Star Wars Blu-Ray changes game.

FOX NEWS: Megyn Kelly vs. Dr. Keith Ablow on Chaz Bono

"Dr." Keith Ablow is so outrageously offensive that he makes Fox News' Megyn Kelly seem like a reasonable progressive.

Links of the Day

All the best links that were worth retweeting today on @GotchaMedia.
Jon Stewart is looking awfully Presidential on the cover of Rolling Stone. [@RollingStone]
Rick Perry releasing his big new plan: PerryCare™. [@BorowitzReport]
Did Sarah Palin hook up with NBA star Glen Rice in 1987? Maybe! [@Slate]
Michele Bachmann is looking for the Jay Leno bump on Friday night. [@TPM]
Aziz Ansari wants to be the New York Times' new restaurant critic, but Jill Abramson isn't having it. [@thecomicscomic]
Thanks Anthony Weiner for giving us another Republican in Congress. [@Gawker]
CBS learns the hard way that news should drive trending topics, not the other way around. [@artsbeat]

FUNNY OR DIE: Life After 'Lopez Tonight'

After Lopez Tonight was canceled, Grace Parra takes it upon herself to find the next great Latino late night host in the newest episode of GP360.

JIMMY FALLON: Novak Djokovic Signs Jimmy's Ball

Novak Djokovic surprises Jimmy Fallon by showing up to sign his U.S. Open ball.

CONAN: CNN Tea Party Debate's Skype Problem

This looks a little more like ChatRoulette to me.

COLBERT REPORT: Ron Paul Endorsed by Drunk Man

Ron Paul finally gets the big endorsement he's been waiting for.

Elizabeth Warren for Senate

Hero of Democrats and villain of Republicans Elizabeth Warren announces her attempt to remove Scott Brown from the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.

DAILY SHOW: The CNN Tea Party Debate Opening Ceremonies

Jon Stewart recaps the elaborate opening to the CNN Tea Party debate that was somewhere between a reality show, a pro-wrestling match and a football game.