Thursday, September 15, 2011

COMMUNITY: Dramatic Season 3 Promo

One week before Community's season three premiere, NBC starts promoting it as a drama.

Trailer: 'Sarah Palin: You Betcha'

Here's the trailer for a Sarah Palin documentary not made by Sarah Palin.

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY: Glenn Howerton Previews Season 7

Glenn Howerton lies through his teeth about what you can expect from season seven of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, starting tonight on FX.

Rick Perry Thanks the NRA

In this video from the NRA's convention back in April, Rick Perry shoots guns and thanks the NRA for their ongoing support, proving (according to The Atlantic) that he's the "New Chuck Norris."

All Devices on Conan

Now you can watch all devices on Conan O'Brien.

'Star Wars' Stands Up to Cancer with Comedy

Stand Up To Cancer teams up with the new Star Wars Blu-Ray release to give you all of your favorite comedians reenacting all your favorite scenes.

Trailer: The Muppets With The Dragon Tattoo

The latest Muppet movie trailer parody takes on David Fincher's excellent Girl With the Dragon Tattoo teaser.

WTF: Brendon Walsh

Today's guest on the WTF Podcast is comedian Brendon Walsh. Not too long ago, he did some stand-up on an early episode of Conan on TBS, which included his solid Microsoft penis joke.
[Listen to Episode 210]

JIMMY FALLON: Ricky Gervais Crashes the Monologue

Ricky Gervais continues his trend of semi-appearing on late night shows by dropping by Jimmy Fallon's monologue to plug the 10th anniversary of The Office and give the host some comedy tips.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Would You Sleep With Sarah Palin?

After comparing her to a Kardashian for her alledged former tryst with an NBA star, Jimmy Kimmel takes to the streets of L.A. to ask black men if they would sleep with Sarah Palin.

COLBERT REPORT: Rick Perry vs. Michele Bachmann on HPV Vaccine

Stephen Colbert sides with Michele Bachmann on a woman's right to choose to get cervical cancer.

DAILY SHOW: Anthony Weiner's Cock Loses NY-9

Jon Stewart explains how Anthony Weiner tweeting a picture of his dick led to House Democrats losing a district they've held for 88 years.