Monday, September 19, 2011

Ira Glass Tells His Drunk Story at Live WTF

Monday night at the Bell House Live WTF event, very special surprise guest Ira Glass attempted to remember how he ended up passed out and covered in vomit two nights earlier, at that same venue, after the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Drunk Show. Also, Artie Lange showed up.

LETTERMAN: Dave Gives Jill Biden Advice

David Letterman conveys a message for President Obama and Vice President Biden to the second lady.

FOX NEWS: Tea Party Challenger Calls John Boehner a 'Socialist'

John Boehner's Tea Party challenger in Ohio David Lewis succeeds in his quest to get attention.

EMMYS: Jesse Pinkman Sells Meth to Creed from 'The Office'

The Emmys Office sketch was amazing for one reason.


Just in time for their absolute Emmy Award domination, Modern Family releases the first clip of the new, slightly older Lily.

EMMYS: Jane Lynch's 'Entourage' Joke

This gets my vote for Jane Lynch's funniest joke of the night.

Occupy Wall Street Protest Highlights

If you couldn't make it to Saturday's #OccupyWallStreet protest in New York City, here's the five minute music video version so you can feel like you were there.

WTF: Lisa Lampanelli

It's fitting that Marc Maron has Lisa Lampanelli as his WTF Podcast guest on the day the Charlie Sheen Roast is set to air. While Lampanelli isn't on the list of Roasters for tonight, she did make her name in comedy by viciously roasting everyone from Pamela Anderson to Donald Trump. Here's a clip from her first Roast appearance, when she ripped into Chevy Chase.
[Listen to Episode 211]