Friday, September 23, 2011

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY: Jersey Shore Montage

The gang goes to the Jersey Shore and has a glorious variety of experiences.

FOX NEWS: Rick Santorum on Gay Soldier Boos

Rick Santorum remembers to thank the gay solider from last night's debate for his service just one day after he told him he would take away the rights of soldiers like him to openly express their sexuality. He also never heard those boos, or he definitely would have condemned them at the debate.

Bristol Palin Gets in a Bar Fight in West Hollywood

Good thing the paparazzi was on hand to capture this confrontation between Bristol Palin and the guy in the Saddle Ranch bar who asked her if she "rode Levi" like a mechanical bull and told her that her mother is a "whore" and the "fucking devil."

CNN: Ahmadinejad Basically Calls Wolf Blitzer Gay

When Wolf Blitzer asks Mahmoud Ahmadinejad if there are homosexuals in Iran, he gets a highly suggestive answer.

ROLLING STONE: Jon Stewart Interview

As an exclusive complement to their print-only interview of Jon Stewart, Rolling Stone's Executive Editor Eric Bates talks to the man himself about his process.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Rick Perry on 'The X Factor'

As a cross-promotion for the Fox News Google debate, Rick Perry appeared as a guest judge on The X Factor.

LETTERMAN: Presidential Debate Top Ten

David Letterman counts down "Top Ten Things a Candidate Shouldn't Say During a Presidential Debate." He neglected to mention "I plan to reinstate 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'"

DAILY SHOW: Lewis Black on Dr. Oz and Chaz Bono

Lewis Black gives his take on Dr. Oz's anti-apple juice campaign and Chaz Bono's Dancing With the Stars debut.

THE OFFICE: Meredith Planking

The Steve Carell-less eighth season of The Office opened with some good old-fashioned planking.

PARKS AND REC: Patricia Clarkson as Tammy 1 Appears

Patricia Clarkson didn't emerge until the final clip of last night's season premiere, but that was enough to understand why Ron Swanson fears his first wife so much.

COMMUNITY: Musical Opening Number

In the first minute of last night's Community season premiere we found out (through song) that the gang plans to be less weird in season three, and that Jeff and Annie are going to sleep together.

GOOGLE DEBATE: Highlights in 100 Seconds

TPM sums up last night's Fox News Google GOP debate in 100 seconds.