Sunday, September 25, 2011

FOX NEWS: 'Perry Really Did Throw Up All Over Himself'

Fox News panelists, and Brit Hume in particular, are not impressed with Rick Perry.

Trailer: 'Drive: Life is a Highway'

When you put shitty music against the Drive trailer, it gets a lot less intense.

FOX NEWS: Herman Cain Responds to Morgan Freeman's Tea Party Racism Charge

After winning the Florida straw poll, Herman Cain essentially says "in your face" Morgan Freeman.

SNL: 'Top Gun' Screen Test Outtakes

In lieu of a traditional Lonely Island digital short, Alec Baldwin got to reprise his Al Pacino impression in this series of outtakes from the Top Gun 25th anniversary DVD.

SNL: Steve Martin Crashes Alec Baldwin's Monologue

Steve Martin surprises his SNL hosting record rival (and Oscar co-host) with a doping test administered by "drug expert" Seth Rogen.