Monday, September 26, 2011

LETTERMAN: Seth Rogen Explains His Marijuana Habit

Seth Rogen opens up to David Letterman about just how much weed he smokes every day.

Rick Perry is Billy Madison

Rick Perry's debate performance gets judged by the moderator from Billy Madison.

FUNNY OR DIE: Thomas Lennon Hosts 'The Vote Off'

Funny or Die goes long(er) form with this new reality game show, created by new SNL writer Chris Kelly.

TODAY SHOW: Herman Cain Adopting SNL Parody Slogan

Herman Cain takes his Florida straw poll victory lap to the Today Show and says that he plans to start using the "I will deliver" slogan from Saturday's SNL debate parody.

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The GOP Vagina Rules

Former Geico voiceover actor D.C. Douglas continues his war against the Tea Party by releasing this helpful video on how the GOP candidates view the vagina.