Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Read Rick Perry's Lips

Bad Lip Reading tackles the brilliant mind of Rick Perry.

Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline

Mad Men's famous "carousel" speech becomes a presentation of the new Facebook Timeline in this brilliantly re-imagined scene.

THE VIEW: Joe Biden Condemns GOP Audience Booing Gay Soldier

Joe Biden calls out the GOP candidates for saying nothing about the audience at last week's debate booed a gay solider.

Michael Moore Occupies Wall Street

Michael Moore got a warm reception last night when he briefly joined the Occupy Wall Street protest.

Obama Gets Called the Antichrist in L.A.

President Obama tries to agree with a protester at a Los Angeles fundraiser that the "Christian God is the one and only true God" until the man calls Obama the "antichrist." But seriously, make sure that guy gets his jacket.

COLBERT REPORT: Radiohead's Anti-Corporate Dr. Pepper Sponsorship

Stephen Colbert introduces his hour-long show with Radiohead (including a performance of unreleased track "The Daily Mail"), brought to you by Dr. Pepper, the unofficial soft drink of Radiohead.

JIMMY FALLON: Matthew Morrison Responds to Jonah Hill

Jimmy Fallon gives Matthew Morrison the chance to respond to the Jonah Hill's threats against him, and sets the stage for a showdown.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Herman Cain Campaign Ad

Following his Florida straw poll victory, Jimmy Kimmel introduces his audience to Herman Cain.

DAILY SHOW: Rick Santorum's Sex-less Military

Jon Stewart explains Rick Santorum's complex views on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the role of sex in the military.