Thursday, September 29, 2011

CONAN: Patton Oswalt on Weight Watchers

Patton Oswalt quit Weight Watchers when he realized it wasn't nearly as cool as AA.

Andy Rooney Out of Context

Before Andy Rooney does his final bout of complaining this weekend, here's a supercut of some of his best quotes out of context.

Bill Maher Says 'It Gets Better'

Bill Maher delivers a sobering PSA about bullying and ostracism, and promises that adulthood is more fun than childhood.

THE ONION: #CongressHostage Twitter Campaign Freaks Out Washington

The Onion's satirical reporting has a long history of being mistaken for reality, but today's barrage of Twitter messages hashtagged #CongressHostage may just have gone too far.

Video From Inside Congressional Hostage Situation

UCB: Barnes and Noble Bathrooms

"Because you can't take a crap with"
Barnes & Noble
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at

WTF: Will Franken

Today's WTF Podcast takes on the many characters of San Francisco comedian Will Franken (no relation to Al). Here's a clip from his 2009 show "Tourettes Without Regrets."
[Listen to Episode 214]

LETTERMAN: Chris Christie Non-Fat Jokes

After Tuesday night's top ten list, David Letterman's writer Joe Grossman tries to come up with some jokes about Chris Christie that have nothing to do with his fatness.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Chris Christie Reconsiders Running for President

Jimmy Kimmel documents one woman's valiant attempt to get Chris Christie to run for president.

COLBERT REPORT: John Lithgow Calls 1-888-NORS-LEZ

John Lithgow accidently calls the Atone Phone to do research on an Ibsen adaptation.

DAILY SHOW: Bill O'Reilly Not Quitting Any Time Soon

In his two-part interview with Jon Stewart last night, Bill O'Reilly walks back his promise to resign if he's taxed at a slightly higher rate.
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