Sunday, October 2, 2011

'Arrested Development' Reunion Chicken Dance at The New Yorker Festival

Celebrate the big news that Arrested Development is coming back for one more mini-season and a movie by watching Will Arnett lead the cast in his classic chicken dance to end their New Yorker Festival reunion panel.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Herman Cain on Rick Perry's N*ggerhead Camp

Herman Cain responds to yesterday's story in the Washington Post claiming that Rick Perry's family had a hunting camp with a particularly racially insensitive name. The real question: will this help or hurt Perry's chance of getting the GOP nomination?

SNL: Netflix Apology

SNL's Netflix sketch treads on some territory well covered by Conan O'Brien close to two weeks ago. Does the video below hew too close to Conan's bit, or is it fair game?

SNL: HPV Vaccine Doll

Meet Michele Bachmann's worst nightmare.

SNL: Internet Commenters Talk Show

The most active commenters on sites, blogs and videos see the light of day for the first time in The Comments Section.