Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Michele Bachmann Zings Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan

Michele Bachmann's shining moment at last night's GOP debate was when she became the first to point out that when you turn Herman Cain's signature plan upside-down, you get 6-6-6.

GOP New Hampshire Econ Debate Highlights

If you missed last night's Bloomberg/Washington Post GOP debate from New Hampshire, TPM has your recap in 100 seconds.

Gotcha Links

Here are Gotcha Media's favorite links from around the web today.
The Princess Bride reunion activity gets even more awesome. [Videogum]
Howard Stern DOES NOT like Rick Perry. [BuzzFeed]
Mitt Romney has a solution for the gay marriage debate that everyone can get behind. [Salon]
Hank Williams Jr. releases a great new song about how he's not sorry for comparing Obama to Hitler [AV Club]
Tim Pawlenty just realized that he's made a huge mistake. [Huffington Post]
HBO keeps using the same great actors for everything. [Zack Grossbart]
The Upper East Side is about to get #Occupied. [The Atlantic Wire]

THE VIEW: Hank Williams Jr. Defends His Obama/Hitler Analogy

Hank Williams Jr. shows up to The View with a dictionary and makes Sherri Shepherd read the definition of "analogy" in a defiant non-apology for his appearance last week on Fox and Friends.

HANNITY: Herman Cain 'Left the Democrat Plantation a Long Time Ago'

So in this analogy, the Democrats are slave owners?

FUNNY OR DIE: Bob Odenkirk Plugs The Black Keys' New Album

Bob Odenkirk has an El Camino he'd like to sell you.

Ira Glass Sex Tape

First Ira Glass gets black out drunk, now he's starring in his own sex tape.


Jimmy Fallon shows an exciting new promo for tonight's GOP debate.


Jimmy Kimmel explains why some conservative Christians don't want their children celebrating Halloween.