Monday, October 17, 2011

Gotcha Links

Here are Gotcha Media's favorite links from around the web today.
Four words: Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses. [BuzzFeed]
Ira Glass responds to his sex tape parody. [Huffington Post]
Terry Gross talks to Seth MacFarlane about his new album of classics. [Fresh Air]
The iPhone 4S's new Find My Friends app may have just ended its first marriage. [Gawker]
Officer Tony Bolonga's main victim starts pretty her lawsuit. [WNYC]
Meet the Occupy Wall Street mole. [Atlantic Wire]
The story behind the Steve Jobs-spearheaded Aaron Sorkin Pixar move that never was. [The Playlist]
In the scariest article of the day, the Blackberry outage results in dramatic drop in traffic accidents in Dubai. [The National]
Rick Santorum adds SNL to the list of organizations who are bullying him. [TPM]

JEST: Obama Warns Against Osama Halloween Costume

This guy in an Obama costume doesn't want you to wear an Osama costume this Halloween.

ROCK CENTER: Brian Williams' Elevator Promo

This must be part of Brian Williams' master plan to make people confuse his new newsmagazine show with 30 Rock.

FOX AND FRIENDS: Donald Trump on Occupy Wall Street

Surprisingly, Donald Trump is not a fan of Occupy Wall Street and thinks Obama is "letting this go a little bit too far.”

Herman Cain Sings 'Imagine All The Pizza'

This either disqualifies Herman Cain from the presidency or makes him automatic president. You decide.

SOUTH PARK: Hacking Scandal Hits South Park Elementary

South Park takes on a News of the World-style phone hacking scandal this week.

WTF: Norm MacDonald

Today on the WTF Podcast, Marc Maron has a candid conversation with Norm MacDonald. MacDonald's Weekend Update anchor gig fell in the sweet spot of my childhood SNL watching. While he never seemed to appear in as many sketches as the rest of the cast, I always appreciated it when he did.
His Burt Reynolds, later of Celebrity Jeopardy fame, may have been his most well known impression, but my favorite was always his David Letterman. "Uh, you got any gum?"
[Listen to Episode 219]