Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rick Perry FAIL Supercut

The best of the stupidest shit Rick Perry has said so far, brought to you by Mitt Romney.
UPDATE: This video has been mysteriously removed from Mitt Romney's YouTube channel, but you can still watch it below.

CNN DEBATE: Proof That Rick Perry is Racist?

As if the "N*ggerhead" ranch wasn't enough, Talking Points Memo does some more expert debate editing to demonstrate how Rick Perry referred to Herman Cain as "brother" and Mitt Romney as "sir."

Sacha Baron Cohen's Newest Character: Lord Monckton

Craig Reucassel, host of Australia's The Hamster Wheel, interviews climate change skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton as if he were Sacha Baron Cohen's newest character.

CNN DEBATE: Michele Bachmann Hearts Anderson Cooper

Michele Bachmann couldn't get enough Anderson Cooper at last night's debate.

Alec Baldwin Visits Occupy Wall Street

We can only hope that Alec Baldwin was doing research for an Occupy Wall Street-themed episode of 30 Rock.

O'REILLY FACTOR: Occupy Wall Street Has Beef with John Stossel

Bill O'Reilly sends Fox News reporter John Stossel down to Occupy Wall Street to get screamed at for a few minutes.

CONAN: Obama's Teleprompter Stolen

Conan O'Brien shows what happened after President Obama's teleprompter was stolen.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen Compares Herman Cain to Hitler

Stephen Colbert pulls a Hank Williams Jr. and makes an analogy of sorts between Herman Cain and Hitler.

DAILY SHOW: John Oliver Goes to Occupy Wall Street

The Daily Show's John Oliver goes to Occupy Wall Street and tries out the human microphone first hand.