Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gotcha Links

Here are Gotcha Media's favorite links from around the web today.
This Occupy Wall Street / Tea Party pretty much sums it up. [Politico]
Kathryn Bigelow's Osama movie might not make it into theaters before the 2012 election. [Deadline]
Meghan McCain was spotted Occupying Wall Street today. [Gothamist]
How did the sitcom Second Chances know when Gaddafi was going to die back in the 80's? [BuzzFeed]
The new Florence + the Machine album is now available for streaming. [Disco Naivete]

Hillary Clinton and Hamid Karzai Laugh At Herman Cain

This is what diplomacy is all about.

Occupy Wall Street TV Commercial

According to Business Insider, you should start seeing this ad on TV over the next few weeks.

CONAN: Audience Questions from GOP Debate

Conan O'Brien replays some of the best audience questions from Tuesday night's GOP debate in Las Vegas.

DAILY SHOW: Las Vegas Debate Recap

Jon Stewart shows highlights from the night the GOP went West... to Las Vegas.

WTF: Hannibal Buress

When he's not playing a homeless man on 30 Rock (or being homeless in real life), Hannibal Buress is one the funniest stand-ups on the alt-comedy circuit. I saw him perform a few years ago and the bit that stood out to me as really summing up his unique, laid back style was this joke about apple juice.
[Listen to Episode 220]