Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FOX NEWS: Donald Trump Returns to Birtherism

Donald Trump just can't let Rick Perry own the birther issue for even one day.

PIERS MORGAN: Michael Moore Is Not the 1%

Michael Moore insists to Piers Morgan that he is not in the 1% of wealthiest Americans.

CONAN: Herman Cain Cigarette Ad Parody

Conan O'Brien unveils some new ads from Herman Cain's new series.

LETTERMAN: Eddie Murphy Oscar Hosting Advice

Eddie Murphy confirms that he will not be performing a big song and dance number at the Oscars.

Rick Perry Calls Birtherism a 'Distraction'

Looks like Rick Perry doesn't want to sleep in the birther bed he made for himself.

CNN: Darrell Hammond Interview

One of the funniest people I've ever seen gives one of the most depressing interviews I've ever seen.

Gotcha Links

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Prepare yourself for Joe the Plumber Congressman. [Huffington Post]
George Costanza might just be the Mideast peace process' last hope. [LaughSpin]
Paul Simon is really interested in blogging for the Huffington Post. [The Onion]

LENO: Barack Obama on Gaddafi, GOP Debates

President Obama resists joking around about Gaddafi's death with Jay Leno, but he can't avoid making fun of the GOP debates.

CNN: 'Dancing With the Stars' Fan Interrupts Steve Jobs Report

This guy really wants David Arquette to win Dancing With the Stars.


One day after Funny or Die released their Occupy Main Street video, CollegeHumor puts out the almost identical 'We Are the 1%' parody. Granted, this was a pretty obvious idea.

CNBC: Rick Perry Explains His Birther Talk

In another hilarious clip from this morning's interview with John Harwood, Rick Perry admits that he doesn't really care about Obama birth certificate, but it is something to talk about!

LETTERMAN: Keith Olbermann on Occupy Wall Street

Keith Olbermann compares his views on Occupy Wall Street to those of Rush Limbaugh.

CONAN: Herman Cain Hates Creative Editing

So Conan O'Brien does some with his latest interview.

COLBERT REPORT: 'Corporations Are People' Focus Group

Frank Luntz helps Stephen Colbert come up with the ideal words and images to advertise Colbert Super PAC's new message.

CNBC: Rick Perry Calls Mitt Romney a 'Fat Cat'

Rick Perry and Barack Obama agree on at least one thing.

DAILY SHOW: Rick Perry Goes Birther

Jon Stewart kicks off his first show of the week by trying to figure out what made Rick Perry suddenly turn into a birther.