Saturday, October 29, 2011

RACHEL MADDOW: Sarah Silverman's 'Live from N*ggerhead'

Sarah Silverman talks to Rachel Maddow about her Rick Perry-inspired comedy show in Texas next week.

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Jon Huntsman's Daughters Mock Herman Cain Ad

These girls win the nomination for funniest daughters of a GOP candidate. But seriously, no slow-motion smiling Jon Huntsman at the end?

Read Herman Cain's Lips

Herman Cain gets the Bad Lip-Reading treatment and it is fantastic.

JIMMY FALLON: History of Rap Part 3 with Justin Timberlake

After killing it in parts one and two, Justin Timberlake returns for History of Rap Part 3 with Jimmy Fallon.

BILL MAHER: Steve Jobs Acid Lessons

In honor of Steve Jobs, Bill Maher stands up for acid and other drugs that make you "think different."