Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CONAN: Hugh Jackman's Conan O'Brien Impression

Hugh Jackman enters as Conan O'Brien, complete with string dance.

Gotcha Links

Here are Gotcha Media's favorite links from around the web today.
Walter White is the 99%. [Mother Jones]
Jimmy Kimmel is your 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner host. [THR]
Mitt Romney is trying (and failing) to steal some of Herman Cain's controversy spotlight. [ThinkProgress]
The Flaming Lips pay tribute to Steve Jobs by playing The Beatles' "Revolution" on iPads. [Pitchfork]
Obama's doctor confirms that he has quit smoking. [Slate]
Bank of America succumbs to Occupy Wall Street pressure, cancels plan to charge people $5/month debit fee. [WSJ]
Rick Perry needs to double-check the sources of random quotes sent to him by his son. [Mediaite]
Herman Cain's wife is about to make her first Fox News appearance. [The Caucus]
Harold Camping is embarrassed that the world didn't end (again). [Death + Taxes]
Jerry Seinfeld is the new Regis Philbin. [Deadline]
Will Ferrell's entire Mark Twain Prize ceremony is now available for your online streaming pleasure. [Huffington Post]

Donald Trump Asks: Is Jon Stewart Racist?

Donald Trump seems to have had trouble grasping the Lindbergh baby analogy Jon Stewart used in his Herman Cain segment last night.

Rick Perry's Drunken Speech Highlights

Here's a nice three and a half minute cut of Rick Perry's seemingly drunken, rambling speech from Friday.

CONAN: Mayor Bloomberg Tests Conan's NYC Knowledge

Mayor Bloomberg gives Conan O'Brien the just invented NYC Citizenship test.

ROCK CENTER: Jon Stewart Talks to Brian Williams

Jon Stewart was a very appropriate first guest on Brian Williams' new late night comedy show.

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CONAN: Conan O'Brien Spies on the 'Today Show'

Conan put on a disguise to go visit some of his old NBC colleagues.

COLBERT REPORT: Colbert Super PAC Co-opts Occupy Wall Street

Stephen Colbert sees an exciting "co-opportunity" in Occupy Wall Street and decides to check it out for himself, in disguise.

DAILY SHOW: Herman Cain's Sexual Harassment Scandal

Jon Stewart does his impression of Herman Cain sexually harassing a Godfather's Pizza employee.