Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CNBC DEBATE: Rick Perry Blanks on Third Government Agency He Wants to Eliminate

And just like that, Rick Perry's campaign came to an end. "Oops."

CNBC DEBATE: Herman Cain Attacks 'Princess Nancy' Pelosi

Possibly not the best choice of words when dealing with a sexual harassment scandal.

Gotcha Links

Here are Gotcha Media's favorite links from around the web today.
Herman Cain is going on yet another late night talk show that is not The Colbert Report. [Deadline]
Learn how the GOP became the party of the 1%. [Rolling Stone]
Listen to Marcel the Shell sing a little song. [Daily]
Brian Williams' Rock Center has just about as many viewers as The Playboy Club had. So, wah-wah. [THR]
Everyone's favorite Comedy Awards are coming back for a 2nd annual year. [CC Insider]
Watch Newt Gingrich set a flip-flop record! [ThinkProgress]
Eddie Murphy just doesn't feel like hosting the Oscars anymore. [NYTimes]

Herman Cain in Third Person Supercut

Talking Points Memo compiles the best of Herman Cain talking about himself.

FUNNY OR DIE: Mike Tyson's Herman Cain Campaign Ad

The Live Funny or Die series continues with the best Mike Tyson as Herman Cain campaign ad you're likely to see.

JIMMY FALLON: Michael Moore Debates a Puppy

Jimmy Fallon pits Michael Moore against a puppy for a debate on Occupy Wall Street for the show Barking Points.

JAY LENO: Jason Segel's Andre the Giant Impression

Jason Segel previews an impression he may bust out for SNL next week.

CONAN: Julie Bowen's Sofia Vergara Impression

Julie Bowen does a killer impression of her Modern Family co-star.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Generic Republican Candidate

Jimmy Kimmel gives the American people what they apparently want.

COLBERT REPORT: Herman Cain on Kimmel

Stephen Colbert may have been just a little bit jealous that Herman Cain chose to go on Jimmy Kimmel Live instead of The Colbert Report.