Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gotcha Links

Here are Gotcha Media's favorite links from around the web today.
Rick Perry has somehow turned his disaster last night into a fund-raising asset. [Business Insider]
Ricky Gervais wants you to know that he's open to replacing Eddie Murphy... [AVClub]
And the Muppets make a strong play to be the Betty White of the Oscars... [Videogum]
Until Billy Crystal ruins everything. [LaughSpin]
It is a sad day when Ashton Kutcher relinquishes control over his Twitter account. [THR]

Occupy Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann gets occupied by the 99% during a campaign event in South Carolina.

FOX NEWS: Rick Perry Thinks He Can Out-Debate Obama

Rick Perry says "you don't have to be the slickest debater to beat Obama." But certainly you shouldn't be the least slick.

FUNNY OR DIE: Mike Tyson Sings 'Imagine There's No Pizza'

Honestly, this isn't as funny as the original.

Mitt Romney's New Anti-Rick Perry Ad

If only this one were real, I would have a lot more respect for Mitt Romney.

Who's the Funniest Presidential Candidate?

Last night on the red carpet of the Stand Up for Heroes benefit, which kicked off the New York Comedy Festival, I talked to George Stephanopoulos, Jim Gaffigan, Rachel Ray and Kathy Griffin to find out which current presidential candidate makes them laugh the most. Given Rick Perry's performance at the CNBC debate, there are some fairly prescient answers here.

WTF: Live from the Steve Allen Theater with Molly Shannon

Today's WTF Podcast is live from the Steve Allen Theater in L.A. from back in August. In this exclusive backstage tour, Marc Maron talks to Molly Shannon, Neil Hamburger and Andy Kindler before the show.
[Listen to Episode 226]

GMA: Rick Perry Defends His CNBC Debate Gaffe

Rick Perry tries and fails to explain away his possibly campaign ending gaffe at last night's CNBC debate.

JIMMY FALLON: 'Herman Cain's Holdin' Strong'

Jimmy Fallon's Herman Cain really lets loose on this song.

CONAN: New Herman Cain Accusers

Conan O'Brien introduces five new people who are claiming Herman Cain sexually harassed them.

DAILY SHOW: Herman Cain's 4 Stages of Political Sex Scandals

Jon Stewart reviews Herman Cain's progression from flat out denial to damage control press conference.