Monday, November 14, 2011

FAMILY GUY: Stewie and Brian's 9/11 High-Five

Here's the scene from this week's Family Guy that Stewie and Brian don't want you to see out of context.

Herman Cain Tries to Wrap His Head Around Libya

In this painful five minute clip from his interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, Herman Cain tries to figure out why exactly he disagrees with the Obama Administration's Libya strategy.

The World's First Catvertising Agency

I almost never post cat videos, but this is too good.

FOX NEWS: Gloria Cain Says Herman Cain Has a 'Split Personality'

In this preview of Herman Cain's wife's interview with Greta Van Susteren airing tonight, Gloria Cain says that her husband "totally respects women" and "would have to have a split personality" to be guilty of the things it seems he's probably guilty of.

Michael J. Fox Plays 'Johnny B. Goode' at Parkinson's Fundraiser

Michael J. Fox pulled off an expert reenactment of his "Johnny B. Goode" scene from Back to the Future at last night's A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinson's event in New York.

WTF: Adam Scott

Today, Marc Maron talks to Adam Scott on the WTF Podcast. Scott's established himself in the ensemble on Parks and Rec, but to me he'll always be Henry from Party Down.
[Listen to Episode 227]