Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin is a Paultard

Sarah Palin sings Ron Paul's praises on Greta Van Susteren's show.

LETTERMAN: Bill Maher's Fight with Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Bill Maher tries to explain his dust up with Elizabeth Hasselbeck from this morning's The View to David Letterman.

Gotcha Links

Here are Gotcha Media's favorite links from around the web today.
This is how Zuccotti Park got emptied. [ThinkProgress]
Community isn't on NBC's spring schedule and that's not OK. [The Daily Beast]
Jared Malsin of the New York Times reports on his own arrest. [NYTimes]
Glenn Beck is looking to make his own version of The Simpsons. [AV Club]
Act fast if you want to know what the new New York Times restaurant critic looks like. [Gawker]

Michele Bachmann's Ultimate Attack Ad

This new ad definitively proves that Michele Bachmann is the smartest and/or most conservative presidential candidate.


Siri gets herself into an awkward situation.

THE VIEW: Bill Maher vs. Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Bill Maher did not have a very pleasant time on The View this morning. And now he can't even visit Zuccotti Park this afternoon.

What Herman Cain Has Twirling Around in His Head

BuzzFeed reveals what Herman Cain actually had "twirling around in his head" when he tried to answer a question about Libya.

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On is Back

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On returns with another video, just in time to promote his new book.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Occupy Twilight

This segment on Twi-hards getting kicked out of their tent city in L.A. turned out to be more timely than Jimmy Kimmel could have ever expected.

DAILY SHOW: GOP Foreign Policy Debate Recap

Jon Stewart is horrified by how reasonable Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman sounded at Saturday night's GOP debate.