Friday, November 18, 2011

LENO: Meghan McCain Says 'Occupy Congress'

Meghan McCain agrees with Jay Leno that the Occupy protesters should turn their attention to Congress.

Kermit and Bret from Flight of the Conchords Sing a Duet

Kermit is the new Jemaine.

Herman Cain Thinks The Taliban is Running Libya

Herman Cain tries to clarify his colossal Libya flub and just digs himself in deeper.

Occupy Wall Street (with Lightsabers)

The police brutality at Occupy Wall Street is much more intense than I ever could have imagined.

LETTERMAN: Herman Cain Addresses Sexual Harassment Accusations

In another preview from David Letterman's interview with Herman Cain tonight, Dave and Herman try to nail down exactly how many women are accusing him of sexual harassment.

Read Ron Paul's Lips

If you thought this series couldn't top Herman Cain, you were wrong.

Herman Cain: 'We Need a Leader, Not a Reader'

Thanks to Morning Joe, we finally have video of Herman Cain's unwitting Simpsons reference from New Hampshire this week.

LENO: Jimmy Fallon Reprises His Jim Morrison, Neil Young and Bob Dylan Impressions

Jimmy Fallon brings his impressions of Jim Morrison, Neil Young and Bob Dylan to the Tonight Show.

COLBERT REPORT: The Word - The 1%

Congress is only willing to ask the other 1%, military veterans, to sacrifice for their country.

DAILY SHOW: Newt Gingrich Gets His Poll Surge

Jon Stewart shows how Newt Gingrich has become the latest GOP candidate to grab the media's attention, and agrees with Sarah Palin that Ron Paul isn't getting enough love.