Sunday, November 20, 2011

WTF: Mary Lynn Rajskub

Best known for playing Chloe on 24, but more awesomely known for being on Mr. Show and Larry Sanders, Mary Lynn Rajskub is Marc Maron's guest on the WTF podcast today. Here she is talking about that time Rush Limbaugh kissed her on the mouth.
[Listen to Episode 229]

Michelle Obama Booed at NASCAR

She did decide to go to NASCAR...

FACE THE NATION: Ron Paul on America's Role in 9/11

Ron Paul struggles to not flat out say that U.S. foreign policy is to blame for 9/11.

SNL: Really?!? with Seth and Kermit

Seth Meyers and Kermit the Frog share their outrage over Congress' decision to call pizza a vegetable.

SNL: Jason Segel and The Muppets Sing a Song

The Muppets steal some of Jason Segel's spotlight during his monologue with the song "I Can't Believe We're Hosting SNL."

SNL: Mitt Romney Raw and Unleashed

Mitt Romney manufactures sex scandals and verbal gaffes to help his poll numbers.