Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CNN DEBATE: Newt Gingrich Shows Compassion for Immigrants

What is this world we live in where Newt Gingrich's big gaffe of the night is demonstrating a modicum of reason by saying he wouldn't deport immigrants who have been living in the country for decades?

CNN DEBATE: Ron Paul Calls for End of Drug War

This is exactly why Ron Paul will never win the GOP nomination but has captured so many Americans' hearts.

CNN DEBATE: Rick Santorum Calls Africa a Country

Rick Santorum is very concerned that at one time "Africa was a country on the brink."

CNN DEBATE: Herman Cain Says 'No Blitz'

Herman Cain gives Wolf Blitzer a badass new nickname.

CNN DEBATE: Mitt Romney Gets His First Name Wrong

Mitt Romney has the first gaffe of the night, forgetting that his first name as actually Willard.

Gotcha Links

Here are Gotcha Media's favorite links from around the web today.
Not only did Obama get heckled by Occupy protesters today, he also got handed this note. [BuzzFeed]
Newt Gingrich gears up for his first debate as a "frontrunner." [Atlantic Wire]
Sarah Palin is getting ready to endorse someone... [NYMag]
Would love to know how Republicans would respond to this protester who miscarried after getting kicked and pepper sprayed. [The Stranger]
Glenn Beck is plotting his version of The Daily Show. [Daily Beast]
Sarah Silverman is hopefully replacing Whitney Cummings on NBC. [Deadline]

MSNBC: Al Sharpton's Blueberry Pie Ad

Al Sharpton is very concerned about the GOP and blueberry pie.

Mitt Romney's Words Out of Context

Here are two worthy approaches at retaliation against Mitt Romney for taking Obama's words out of context in his first national ad.

Occupy Barack Obama in New Hampshire

President Obama gets mic-checked while speaking in New Hampshire and uses the opportunity to embrace the movement.

FOX NEWS: Pepper Spray is Basically Food

Fox News' Megyn Kelly explains to Bill O'Reilly that spraying someone in the face with pepper spray is really no different than feeding them a really spicy pepper.

WEB THERAPY: Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien may be off this week, but you can see him play himself opposite Lisa Kudrow on Web Therapy.

JIMMY FALLON: Michele Bachmann Interview

Michele Bachmann tries to get some young, hip cred by getting way too into the details of her Thanksgiving traditions, teaching Jimmy Fallon how to do her Minnesota accent and playing a word association game with the names of her rivals.