Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FOX NEWS: Mitt Romney Calls George W. Bush an Abortion Flip-Flopper

Even though there's no record of George W. Bush ever being pro-choice.

Rick Perry Flubs Voter Age and Election Date

Rick Perry tells an audience of St. Anselm students in New Hampshire, "Those of you that will be 21 by November 12th, I ask for your support and your vote." Those of you who will be 18 by November 6th are probably more valuable though.

MORNING JOE / THE VIEW: Ann Coulter and Whoopi Goldberg Bleeped

What do Ann Coulter and Whoopi Goldberg have in common? Both were bleeped on TV today, talking about Mitt Romney ("douche bag") and Herman Cain ("boning the country") respectively.

Newt Gingrich Repudiates the 99%

Newt Gingrich calls on President Obama to "repudiate the concept of the 99 and the 1." Good luck.

TODAY SHOW: Barney Frank Still Railing Against 'Gotcha' Media

Speaking about his upcoming retirement on the Today Show this morning, Barney Frank continued to express his disgust with "gotcha journalism."

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ONN: Face Tattoos Linked to Unemployment

The Onion News Network uncovers the disturbing link between face tattoos and high unemployment.

High Unemployment Linked To Increasing Number Of Face Tattoos

JIMMY KIMMEL: Herman Cain, the Sex Grinch

After his latest affair denial, Jimmy Kimmel recasts Herman Cain as the "Sex Grinch."

COLBERT REPORT: me Reporters

After CNN's iReport made journalists' jobs redundant, Stephen Colbert gets in on the user-generated content game with "me Reporters."

DAILY SHOW: Pepper Spray Nation

While The Daily Show was on Thanksgiving break, the use of pepper spray pioneered by Tony Bologna spread to every other part of society.