Friday, December 2, 2011

FUNNY OR DIE: Tim Meadows as Herman Cain

Tim Meadows has apparently taken over for Mike Tyson as Live Funny or Die's Herman Cain.

Michele Bachmann vs. High School Student on LGBT Rights

After admitting she doesn't know what the GSA is, Michele Bachmann has a painful debate with a high school gay-straight alliance president on gay marriage.

LENO: Rick Perry Full Interview

Rick Perry uses his appearance on Jay Leno to explain his ongoing problems with words and math.

COLBERT REPORT: Stop Internet Piracy Act

Stephen Colbert reviews Congress' new proposed Stop Internet Piracy Act and the warns against YouTube criminals.

DAILY SHOW: Mitt Romney is 'His Own Mistress'

Jon Stewart identifies the problem that has been plaguing Mitt Romney's campaign.