Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DAILY SHOW: War on Christmas Address

Jon Stewart gives a War on Christmas presidential address, including impressions of Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan.

COMMUNITY: Troy and Abed Christmas Rap

Donald Glover brings some Childish Gambino to Community with this Christmas rap.

ROCK CENTER: Jimmy Fallon on Michele Bachmann Intro Music Scandal

It's not every day Jimmy Fallon gets embroiled in a scandal, so Brian Williams took the opportunity to grill his fellow NBC personality.

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8-Year-Old Elijah Blows Michele Bachmann's Mind

Michele Bachmann is going to think twice before allowing 8-year-olds to whisper in her ear after this.

CONAN: The Muppets' Communist Propaganda

Conan O'Brien uncovers some of the Communist undertones that Fox News got so worked up about in the new Muppet movie.

KIMMEL / CONAN: Donald Trump 'Apprentice' Debate Promos

Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O'Brien both presented The Apprentice-inspired promos for the upcoming Donald Trump debate last night.

COLBERT REPORT: Herman Cain's Campaign Was All a Dream

Stephen Colbert writes a new epilogue for Herman Cain's autobiography.

DAILY SHOW: Herman Cain's 'Pokemon' Quote

Jon Stewart recaps Herman Cain's Pokemon-quoting farewell address.