Thursday, December 8, 2011

Louis C.K. on Evolution

Louis C.K. releases a deleted scene from his upcoming special, streaming live on starting Saturday 12/10. This is just one of the many hilarious pieces of new material Louis performed at his Beacon Theatre show during the New York Comedy Festival.

Huffington Post's War on Christmas PSA

HuffPost Comedy responds to Rick Perry's "Strong" ad with this much-needed PSA against the War on Christmas.

Chris Farley as Newt Gingrich at House Republican Conference

Thanks BuzzFeed for uncovering this gem from 1995 C-SPAN.

Obama: 'Ask Osama Bin Laden' if I'm an Appeaser

If this is the Obama running for president in 2012, I feel like we might be OK after all.

SECOND CITY: Rick Perry Ad Parody

Andy Cobb of Second City's The Partisans does his spin on Rick Perry's "Strong" ad.

Bill O'Reilly Hits Man with Umbrella

When you hit someone's camera with an umbrella, you can't be surprised when it ends up on video.

Occupy Chris Christie

At a Mitt Romney campaign event in Iowa, Chris Christie becomes the latest politician to get "mic-checked" and thinks it's simply hilarious.

CONAN: Extreme Ron Paul Ad

Ron Paul is upping the ante on his campaign ads and Conan has a brand new one.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Library of Congress Twitter Ad

Jimmy Kimmel shows the Library of Congress' enticing new ad campaign.

COLBERT REPORT: Stephen's South Carolina Debate

Stephen Colbert reveals some more details about his South Carolina Serious, Classy Republican Debate.

DAILY SHOW: Iran's Trojan Drone

Jon Stewart figures out why the U.S. let one of our drone aircrafts land in Iran.