Sunday, November 18, 2012

GIFs From Last Week | Election Reflections from Grover Norquist, Dick Morris, Bill Maher and More

Look back at the week in politics through animated GIFs, courtesy of GIFs From Last Night.
Grover Norquist explains how President Obama get re-elected.
If you’re an Obama staffer and you just won the election, you better put a ring on it.
ᔥ BuzzFeed
Damian Lewis signed President Obama’s Homeland box set as Sgt. Brody.
Dick Morris explains why he predicted a Mitt Romney landslide on Fox News.
President Obama has got Susan Rice’s back.
Leslie Knope finally meets Vice President Joe Biden.
ᔥ lesliemin-knope
Bill Maher delivers his final New Rule of the season.
The day after Governor Chris Christie complained about being "on Saturday Night Live enough," there he was on Weekend Update with Seth Meyers.

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