Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guy Fieri: As Seen on the ‘Today Show’

Did you see Guy Fieri on the Today Show this morning? Do you think he’s enjoying his moment in the viral spotlight? Even if it is only because he got the worst New York Times restaurant review of all time?
Did Guy Fieri think his new restaurant in Times Square was going to get a good review from the Times? What is this “other agenda” that critic Pete Wells might have? Does Wells have a personal vendetta against Guy Fieri? Could it be about something besides the awful food he was forced to eat at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar four times in two months?
Is Guy Fieri really “striving to do it perfect?” If so, would he have opened his restaurant in Times Square? Is it possible to serve quality food in the middle of that many tourists? If so, why hasn’t anybody done it?
Was Savannah Guthrie trying to twist the knife when she brought up his 2.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp? What about when she asked him if he’s a typical celebrity chef who barely ever sets foot in the kitchen? Was she giving him a chance to absolve himself and throw whoever’s really running the show under the bus?
What will the impact of all this media coverage be? When your restaurant review is the number one most-emailed article on The New York Times, does it matter if it’s bad? When you get an exclusive interview on the Today Show, should you care that it’s about how terrible your restaurant is? Is all publicity actually good publicity?
Finally, if Guy Fieri could say anything to Pete Wells right now, what would it be? “You’re welcome.”

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