Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PIERS MORGAN: Donald Trump Takes Credit for Romney's Iowa Victory

Before Donald Trump talked to him, Mitt Romney didn't even know there was an Iowa caucus.

LETTERMAN: Brian Williams's Fire Alarm Incident

Brian Williams relives his traumatic fire alarm incident on the Late Show.

RIOT Comedy Festival Kickstarter PSA

All of these comedians want you to donate to the RIOT Kickstarter page so L.A. can have its very own alternative comedy festival.

FOX NEWS: Shep Smith on Santorum's Beastiality Comments

Isn't equating homosexuality and beastiality somehow more than just a "gaffe?"

McCain Introduces 'President Mitt Romney'

Don't get ahead of yourself there, big guy.

John McCain's Mitt Romney Attack Ad from 2008

All attack ads in both directions have disappeared from their respective official YouTube accounts now that John McCain has officially endorsed Mitt Romney, but you can still watch this one.

ONN: Smoking While Drinking is Safe

The Onion News Network brings you a breaking news press conference from the Surgeon General.

Surgeon General: Smoking Fine As Long As You Only Do It When You Drink

Michele Bachmann Drops Out

Michele Bachmann and her husband packing up their doggy sunglasses and heading home.

CONAN: Ron Paul is the Justin Bieber of the GOP

Conan O'Brien shows the Bieber-esque reactions Ron Paul has been getting on the campaign trail.

COLBERT REPORT: Undecided Iowa Caucus Voter

In his first show back in the new year, Stephen Colbert gives some rare screen time to someone other than himself in this interview with a potential Iowa caucus-goer.

DAILY SHOW: Rick Santorum's Iowa Caucus Surge

Jon Stewart returned to the air with disbelief over Rick Santorum's last minute surge in Iowa.

Marcus Bachmann's Doggy Sunglasses Reaction

The hands-down highlight of caucus night in Iowa.