Friday, January 6, 2012

Vermin Supreme in New Hampshire

This man appeared at the "Lesser-Known" Presidential Candidates Forum last month and somehow I missed it.

John McCain Endorses 'President Obama'

The always hilarious John McCain forgot who he was supposed to be talking up at a rally for Mitt Romney today.

John McCain's Mitt Romney Stand Up Tour

Renowned stand up comedian John McCain has a whole new set of Mitt Romney material he's been trying out on the road.

Jon Huntsman Says Corporations 'Are Not People'

Now we know of at least one difference between the two Mormon candidates.

Rick Santorum Brags About Working With Hillary Clinton

From his 2006 wrestling-themed Senate campaign ad.

Funny Or Die/Yahoo GOP Cyber Debate

Here is the full GOP Cyber Debate from Funny or Die and Yahoo, moderated by the real Larry King.

JIMMY FALLON: Rachel Maddow Does Pickleback Shots

Amateur mixologist Rachel Maddow teaches Jimmy Fallon to make pickleback shots.

CONAN: Mindy Kaling is Bill Clinton's Type

Mindy Kaling recounts her co-appearance on the Today Show with Bill Clinton and thinks she may have had a shot.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Kanye West DONDA Commercial

Jimmy Kimmel makes a commercial for Kanye West's new company, using @kanyewest tweets.

COLBERT REPORT: Pat Robertson Plays 20 Questions with God

Stephen Colbert is forced to engage in "overwhelming prayer" to save America from Pat Robertson's prophecy.

DAILY SHOW: John Oliver Explains American Government

It takes a Britisher to fully explain the extent of Congress' "motherfuckery."