Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ron Paul Embraces The 'Dangerous' Label

Ron Paul figures that as long as people keep calling him "dangerous," he might as well make it a campaign slogan.

Jon Huntsman Thinks He's 'In the Hunt'

He's wrong.

John Sununu Calls Non-Romney Candidates 'Socialist'

It looks like former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu watched The Daily Show last night.

Rick Perry Calls Mitt Romney a 'Vulture Capitalist'

The man who called Obama a "socialist" two days ago, thinks Mitt Romney is a bit too capitalist.

Barack Obama Was 'Born This Way'

This video alone should get President Obama a second term.

MORNING JOE: Michele Steele Makes Huntsman Chinese Takeout Joke

Michael Steele told the panel on Morning Joe that when Jon Huntsman spoke Chinese at Saturday night's New Hampshire debate, he felt like he was "ordering takeout."

FOX NEWS: Todd Palin Endorses Newt Gingrich

Todd Palin makes his very important and definitely-wanted Newt Gingrich endorsement official by calling and telling his friend Greta Van Susteren about it.

COLBERT REPORT: Rick Santorum on 'Blah People'

Stephen Colbert defends Rick Santorum's possibly racist comments about "blah people."

DAILY SHOW: GOP Wages Class Warfare Against Mitt Romney

The GOP candidates all agree that class warfare is wrong, unless it's against Mitt Romney.