Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LENO: Meghan McCain Calls Rick Santorum a 'Moron'

Looks like Meghan McCain is getting in line behind her father on the Romney train.

C-SPAN Gets Prank Call About Mitt Romney's Penis

It's not every day that C-SPAN gets pranked.

CNN: Smoking Marijuana Can Help Your Lungs

According to everyone's new best friend CNN, smoking weed once a week for decades has no affect on lung function, and if you only smoke a couple times a month it can actually help!

FOX NEWS: Sarah Palin on Todd's Newt Gingrich Endorsement

Sarah Palin gives her First Dude props for "going rogue" with his endorsement of Newt Gingrich.

JIMMY FALLON: Tiny Fey and Questlove Share the 'Hoagie of Forgiveness'

Philly natives Tina Fey and Questlove share the "hoagie of forgiveness" so they can put their differences behind them.

LETTERMAN: Photos From the 2012 Campaign Trail

David Letterman reviews some key themes of the 2012 Republican primary campaign so far.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Ron Paul's Crazy Eyebrows

If Rick Santorum can sell branded sweater vests, then Ron Paul can sell his crazy eyebrows.

COLBERT REPORT: Secret White House Alice in Wonderland Party

Stephen Colbert is outraged that Chewbacca was at the hiding-in-plain-sight Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party at the White House.