Friday, January 13, 2012

CNN: Prostitutes Pimp for Ron Paul

CNN goes to the Bunny Ranch to report on some of Ron Paul's more promiscuous supporters.

ROCK CENTER: Stephen Colbert on Colbert Super PAC

In this preview from next week's Rock Center, Stephen Colbert explains how a super PAC works to Ted Koppel.

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Shit Homophobic People Say

There's almost nothing funny about this video from Lambda Legal.

Judd Apatow Says 'Fuck You' to Jerry Lewis

While accepting his Best Comedy Film award at last night's Critics' Choice Awards, Judd Apatow made sure to work in a "fuck you" to Jerry Lewis for once saying that women aren't funny.

Rick Perry: 'This is Not Rocket Scientist'

We can only assume he was referring to himself.

30 ROCK: Kim Jong-un Joke Kicks Off Season 6

30 Rock was back after way too long of a hiatus last night, and they even managed to drop in a well-placed Kim Jong-un joke.


For the first time ever, Tim Tebow and David Bowie become the same person, thanks to Jimmy Fallon. NOTE: The video has been removed from official NBC channels, so Fallon performing the song acoustic for Piers Morgan will have to do.

COLBERT REPORT: Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert Super PAC

Stephen Colbert's "major announcement" was not that he's running for president in South Carolina (yet). It's that he's handing over Colbert Super PAC to Jon Stewart.