Monday, January 16, 2012

SC DEBATE: Ron Paul Wins Fox News #Answer Vs. #Dodge Twitter Debate

Fox News uses its scientific #answer vs. #dodge Twitter data to determine that Ron Paul is "the only one giving straight answers" at tonight's South Carolina debate.

ROCK CENTER: Shit Girls Say to Brian Williams

Brian Williams walks into a bar and meets a friendly fan.

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SC DEBATE: Mitt Romney Talks Up Hunting Exploits

Mitt Romney went either moose or elk hunting recently and had a delightful time.

Colbert Super PAC Releases Pro-'Herman Cain' Ad

After releasing an anti-Mitt Romney ad Saturday night, the Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC goes positive with his new ad supporting "Herman Cain" in this weekend's South Carolina primary.

ROCK CENTER: Stephen Colbert Talks to Ted Koppel About Super PAC's

In his second major interview of the weekend, Stephen Colbert explains to Ted Koppel how super PAC's work.

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SC DEBATE: Juan Williams Booed, Newt Gingrich Gets Standing Ovation

The crowd at tonight's South Carolina debate is decidedly with Newt Gingrich and against moderator Juan Williams when it comes to demeaning, racist comments about poor, black people.

SC DEBATE: Santorum Invokes MLK on Felon Voting

Rick Santorum is clearly still trying to live down his comments about "blah people" in this new attack on Mitt Romney.

O'REILLY FACTOR: Ice-T vs. Ice Cube Debate

Bill O'Reilly clears up Bernie Goldberg's Ice-T/Ice Cube confusion and calls himself a "brother."

Stephen Colbert Speaks to CafeMom in South Carolina

With a little help from pollster Frank Luntz, Stephen Colbert finds out what moms from South Carolina think of him. It's not pretty.

Rick Santorum Flip-Flops on Tim Tebow

Rick Santorum admits that he was for Tim Tebow before he was against him.

DNC Tribute to Jon Huntsman Bashing Mitt Romney

The DNC slightly undercuts Jon Huntsman's endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Donald Trump as GOP Mediator

Ahead of tonight's first South Carolina debate, now with only five candidates attending, Donald Trump warns the last men standing not to "beat themselves."

Jon Huntsman Disses Everyone But Romney

Jon Huntsman announces that he's ending his campaign for 2012 and throws his tepid support behind his fellow Mormon.

CBS THIS MORNING: Joel Osteen Says Mitt Romney is Christian 'Enough'

Pastor Joel Osteen gives a de facto endorsement of Mitt Romney on CBS This Morning by telling Charlie Rose that the Mormon Governor is Christian "enough" for him.