Friday, January 20, 2012

Stephen Colbert's 'Rock Me Like a Herman Cain' Rally (FULL VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert and Herman Cain weren't quite a united front at today's "Rock Me Like a Herman Cain" Rally in South Carolina. Colbert tried to convince the crowd of thousands that a vote for Herman Cain is a vote for Stephen Colbert. Meanwhile, Cain maintained that people should vote for "we the people" (or rather, whoever they felt like voting for).
And if that wasn't enough, both men serenaded their supporters with patriotic songs. All in all, a great day for corporations and democracy!

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PARKS AND REC: Paul Rudd Attack Ad

Parks and Recreation is giving Colbert Super PAC a run for its money in the fake campaign attack ad department.

30 ROCK: Tracy Jordan Makes Homophobic Jokes

Tracy Morgan relives his controversy from last summer as his alter ego Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock.

MORNING JOE: Stephen Colbert Goes to South Carolina

Stephen Colbert spends a solid nineteen minutes promoting Herman Cain for the South Carolina primary on Morning Joe.

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FOX AND FRIENDS: Herman Cain Defends His Endorsement

Herman Cain attempts to explain his "unconventional endorsement" to the Fox and Friends crew. I, for one, was sure he was going to endorse Stephen Colbert.

LENO: Wanda Sykes on Newt Gingrich's 'Tiny Penis'

Wanda Sykes has an interesting theory about why Newt Gingrich asked his ex-wife for an "open marriage."

CONAN: Andy Richter Remembers Rick Perry

Andy Richter looks back on the presidential campaign of Rick Perry.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Rick Perry Gets Kicked Off 'American Idol'

Rick Perry's time on America's greatest competition reality show has come to and end.

COLBERT REPORT: James Taylor and Stephen Sing 'Carolina In My Mind'

Ahead of today's Rock Me Like a Herman Cain rally in South Carolina, Stephen Colbert and James Taylor sing a duet while a montage subtly equating Colbert and Cain plays.

DAILY SHOW: Newt Gingrich Redefines 'Traditional Marriage' as 'Open Marriage'

John Oliver explains how Newt Gingrich can use his ex-wife's bombshell to his advantage, even before Gingrich did just that in the opening of last night's debate.