Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNN DEBATE: Ron Paul Accuses Wolf Blitzer of Age Discrimination

Ron Paul is ready to be the oldest president ever and will go on a 25 mile bike ride to prove it.

CNN DEBATE: Whose Wife Would Make the Best First Lady?

When Wolf Blitzer forces the four GOP candidates to state why their wives would make the best first lady, Newt Gingrich leads himself directly into the dog house by saying Callista Gingrich would be no better than the other three wives.

CNN DEBATE: Romney and Paul Mock Newt Gingrich's Moon Colony

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul agree that Newt Gingrich's permanent moon base is ridiculous, framing him as the Bond villain that he is.

Justin Long as Mitt Romney in MoveOn's 'The Office' Parody targets Mitt Romney's love of firing people in this new online video. Special props to whoever made that barely changed theme song.

Rick Santorum Slams Glitter-Bombing 'Radical Left'

Rick Santorum reflects on getting glitter-bombed by Occupy Wall Street types and gets some sympathy from Megyn Kelly.
"That must be hard to pluck out of the sweater vest, all that glitter."

Joe Biden Almost Makes Terrible Indian Accent Gaffe

It's that beautiful moment when Vice President Biden realizes he's about to do something incredibly offensive and stops himself.

CBS: Jan Brewer Defends Using Obama to Sell Books

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer tells CBS News that she doesn't regret getting into a public argument with President Obama that led to a 150,000% increase in sales of her book on Amazon.

UNIVISION: Jorge Ramos Asks Newt Gingrich to Compare His Affair with Bill Clinton's

Univision's Jorge Ramos has the balls to ask Newt Gingrich the question that most people in the media would be too afraid to ask him at this point.

Rand Paul's TSA 'Detention' Video

This is what Rand Paul got all huffy about last week?

CNN: Bill Maher Talks Obama, Ron Paul with Anderson Cooper

Bill Maher praises Obama's State of the Union and endorses Ron Paul as the best of the GOP field.

JIMMY KIMMEL: Obama's 'Spilled Milk' Joke

Jimmy Kimmel analyzes President Obama's "spilled milk" joke to try to figure out why it bombed at the State of the Union.

COLBERT REPORT: Herman Cain Name-Drops Colbert on State of the Union Response

Stephen Colbert was honored to be mentioned in Herman Cain's Tea Party response to the State of the Union.

DAILY SHOW: State of the Union Recap

Jon Stewart recaps the State of the Union address and casts President Obama as a tax-cutting Oprah.